Vivid Raw Pound It

Vivid Raw Pound It
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Petite, ultra snug, and almost beyond belief in terms of its smooth, supple texture and exacting detail, the much anticipated Vivid Raw line presents Pound It, a classic stroker designed for perfect portability and mind-blowing stimulation. Featuring a pretty little opening leading the way to a tight, anatomically correct chamber created to mimic vaginal sex just right, Pound It is extremely easy to hold in hand (yours or a playmate's), ensuring the most precise stroking imaginable.
Of California Exotic Novelties' signature Pure Skin material, the Pound It offers a sensation like no other- the ultra smooth texture is pliably supple, stretching, clinging and retaining its sexy elasticity like real skin. Warming quickly to body heat with touch and play, Pound It's fantastic feel is only enhanced by a close-ended design that naturally builds up a toe-curling suction effect with each stroke. 
As for cleaning, Pure Skin needs simply to be cleaned and dried well before storage, swish through some warm soapy water before laying somewhere safe to dry. Always enjoy a great quality water based lubricant with this stroker- try warming the bottle in some temperate water before use for an extra hit of heat.

Material - Pure Skin

Pure Skin
Definition - What does Pure Skin mean?
Pure Skin is a variety of thermo plastic elastomer material that is formulated to look and feel like real human skin. It is used in the manufacturing of dildos and vibrators. There are several similar materials trademarked under different names including PleasureSkin, TrueSkin, CyberSkin RealSkin and Techno-Skin.
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Kinkly explains Pure Skin
Toys made with Pure Skin are extremely porous, making it highly advisable to use a condom during each use. The porosity also makes them extremely difficult to keep clean. It is recommended that toys made with this material be routinely dusted with cornstarch to maintain their unique feel. It is also recommended that they be stored individually in a cool and dark location to prevent the surface from absorbing dye from other objects.