G-Spotter Magic Wand Attachment

G-Spotter Magic Wand Attachment
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Product no.: AD1763
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They're among our top requested items and we're very pleased to bring you accessories for one of the most powerful vibrating massagers ever, the super-popular Magic Wand. The G-Spotter is a curved attachment which, when placed over your Magic Wand, will turn the already amazing massager into a unbeatable G-spot vibrator. The G-Spotter is designed to do its job thoroughly, with a hollow shape that's mildly flexible and has a light touch and weight, yet carries vibration extremely well. Attaching the G-Spotter to your massager is simple, just place it over the end where it will protrude at a right-angle and curve for ease of use. If you don't own a Magic Wand, we highly recommend picking one up, and if you already own one and love it, it just got even better!