Tom of Finland Stroker Sheath

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Softly supple, sexily squeezable and uniquely deigned to provide maximum pleasure during solo sessions or hands-on foreplay, the Stroker Sheath hails from a line inspired by the father of erotic fetish art himself. Tom of Finland's incredible works spotlight iconally dressed hyper-masculine men in the throes of pleasure- the collector print included with the Sheath for instance, features a burly cop and sailor playing with power.

Perhaps inspiring a little power play of your own, the Stroker Sheath, along with distinct, headboard rattling texture and a thrillingly temperature receptive surface, adds a little ball play to the mix. Looped over the testicles, an equally soft band will tug excitingly in rhythm with strokes- many men will attest to the incredibly powerful orgasm that can result from this type of stimulation. That said, the band can be left off entirely, if desired.

In a super soft TPR material, the Stroker Sheath is easy to clean and maintain, requiring just a good scrub in warm soapy water before and after use. Compatible with water based lubricants. Tom of Finland collector print and key tag included.