Shay’s Ribbed Lover

Shay’s Ribbed Lover
  • Vendor: California Exotic Novelties
  • Vendor catalogue no.: SE7622-04, SE7622-14
Product no.: AD11361
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The vibrations are great for just about everybody, although power queens won't be satisfied. The size is good for just about anybody, and the ribbing is just mild enough (due to the soft material) that most people looking to experiment with texture will have a good time. The color is gorgeous, however tends to leave traces of itself everywhere, so never use this without a condom.

Best use: 

In theory, Shay's Ribbed Lover would make a pretty great beginner's vibe, especially for those interested in experimenting with some texture. And if you use a condom with it, it still can be. The vibrations are pretty decent without being overwhelming, and the size is a good one for most users.