Sex and Mischief Studded Paddle

Sex and Mischief Studded Paddle
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The paddle is a BDSM staple for fetish enthusiasts and the Studded Paddle from Sportsheets Sex & Mischief line is a no-nonsense instrument that can go from naughty to nice with a flick of your wrist. It's dark and sexy, with a twist on the classic paddle by the addition of sexy nickel-free metal studs on one side to deliver a stinging bite. It's a great choice for the beginner as it's easy to manoeuvre with its light weight and rigid form. It allows for precision control and contains a softly looped cord at the base that can loop around your fingers to maintain a firm grip. At 30.5 centimetres long and almost six centimetres at its widest point, the Studded Panel provide ample surface for you to deliver a firm smack. One side is smooth and makes an ideal traditional slapper while the opposing studded side has a definite intensified result. It is constructed of a durable vinyl material overtop a virtually unbreakable glass batten to ensure you'll be able to deliver sensational smacks with it for a long time. It responds to temperature and can be placed in the freezer before use for some extra mischief in your hand.