Sex n Mischief Silky Rope

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I've chosen a spiral staircase for today's au naturel photo shot. Besides the metal stairs, the only other props were two six foot sections of silky black rope. I carefully, methodically wrapped her slender wrists in the rope, making an elegant cuff that I secured to one side of the iron staircase railing, I repeated the process with her other hand and secured it to the opposite railing. She stood there, her arms slightly outstretched, the satin finish of the rope shining in the light. When I moved back and looked at her through the lens, I immediately saw the desire in her eyes. This wasn't a pose, this was real, as so were the feelings stirring inside of me.'

With a full twelve feet of deliciously silky rope to work with, the positions and bondage scenarios possible with this Sex & Mischief offering are practically endless. Softy twisted into two smooth, gleaming strands, the polyester fabric making up the Silky Rope is incredibly strong, and will certainly hold up to rough and tough play as well as more classic wrist and ankle bondage. Two ropes are included, at six feet each.