Real Skin Whoppers 8 Inch Dildo

Real Skin Whoppers 8 Inch Dildo
  • Vendor: Nasstoys
  • Vendor catalogue no.: NASS-2232-1
Product no.: AD6010
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An excitingly angled dildo with a feel that pushes the boundaries of realism, this offering from Nasstoys will certainly satisfy your cravings for the real thing, even when the real thing's not around. Long and slim, the shaft is bent up into a natural curve that seeks out sensitive inner sweet spots like the g and prostate, depending on you you choose to enjoy it- regardless, the supple surface with its firm precise core is sure to please. Ideal for deep penetration, the big set of balls just before the base protect against too-far insertion, making this dildo great for anal use. An incredibly strong suction cup at the base lets you attach the Whopper to any number of smooth, flat surfaces for hands-free use, it also makes use with a harness or strap-on system possible. Use a great quality water or silicone based lube with this dildo, it'll keep things slick and enjoyable, while protecting the material.