Plug & Play Spire Plug

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  • Vendor: Icon Brands
  • Vendor catalogue no.: IC2516-2
Creatively shaped for maximum anal sweet-spot contact, Plug & Play's Spire offers up its unique namesake shape and rounded rocker base to perfectly controlled backdoor pleasure quests.

Sleeked into a tiny tip, the Spire penetrates with barely a bump before widening into the first of two thick swells.  The shaft increases gradually in size, inspiring unique sensation as it stretches and stimulates the nerve-ending rich anal opening and inner walls. A tapered neck just under the largest swell helps hold the plug in place during wear, and a wide base fits comfortably between the butt-cheeks, acting as a safe barrier against too-deep penetration. 

In hypoallergenic silicone, the Spire is extremely hygienic, cleaning easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam- it can also be boiled or bleached for more thorough sterilization. Always enjoy a great quality water based lubricant with this plug, silicone formulas should be avoided, as should contact with other silicone and soft toy materials.
Materials: Silicone