Mood for Her

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  • Vendor: Doc Johnson
  • Vendor catalogue no.: DJ1362-03
  1. Berry Nipple Lick'ems Gel - a tasty topical agent designed to stimulate the nipples and offer your lover an even sweeter treat than usual, comprised of an edible water-based formula that is non-staining and sugar-free.
  2. Stimulating Clit Gel - is to be applied directly to the clitoris prior to foreplay or masturbation, and attracts bloodflow to the sensitive pleasure pea within a few minutes in order to enlarge and arouse it for easier and certainly more pleasurable stimulation.
  3. Succulent Watermelon Body Drops - gel that can be poured over your lover for delicious love-making, body-wide, whether you decide to slowly release drops in strategic places, or get messy with a more carnal approach, your lover will be aching in desire as you kiss and lick it off. 
  4. G-spot Sensitizing Gel - offers internal bliss of the best kind, arousing the g-spot with its awakening ingredients that also engorge the entire g-spot area for easier stimulation. To apply, you must insert this gel with a finger or two to ensure the best precision, coating the g-spot area in its sensitizing richness for optimal pleasure during intercourse and solo play.
  5. Vaginal Tightening Potion - works within the vaginal canal, this time creating an overall tighter feeling for her during penetration, allowing for stronger sensations and intimacy during sex.

Sugar free
Made in USA