Machismo Pump

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  • Vendor: Pipedream
  • Vendor catalogue no.: PD-3239-00

A classic male enhancer from Pipedream, the Machismo Pump works wonders when it comes to improving the overall strength, stamina and appearance of erection. Simple to use and perfect for any level of penis pump experience, the Pump features a soft, supple donut sleeve surrounding a comfortably rounded opening, ensuring an airtight seal along with a pleasurably cushioned sensation.

Once inserted into the firm, smokily transparent cylinder, position the Machismo so that a finger covers the air valve placed toward the top. A squeeze of the pump ball activates suction, increasing blood flow to the shaft- to release, simply uncover the valve.

Of safe, low maintenance ABS plastic and supple jelly rubber, the Pump cleans easily and thoroughly with warm soapy water.