Liquid Sex Forever Silicone Lube

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Call it silicone lubricant power - and it's right within your grasp. Liquid Sex Forever Silicone is a personal lubricant that is formulated for success. No longer will you be distracted by frustrating lubricant stickiness and one-dimensional personal lubricants.

Instead of wasting your time, money, and effort on inept personal lubricants, check out the benefits of using Liquid Sex Forever Silicone: Your penetration glide increases tremendously, and for longer periods of time - never getting sticky or too greasy. Enjoy lubricant smoothness and slickness for as long as you want to have sex.

Liquid Sex Forever Silicone can be used for masturbation, foreplay, vaginal sex, and anal sex. Its silicone-based formula is 100% latex compatible and can be used with all sex toy materials except silicone sex toys.