Japanese Silk Love Rope

Japanese Silk Love Rope
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Offering a full ten feet of creative bondage-play potential to adventurous lovers everywhere, Topco's classic Japanese Silk Love Rope is intensely soft yet inherently strong, easily and sturdily holding the most intricate of knot-work while gently, yet very securely cradling the skin of the trussed.

As perfect for bondage play newcomers as for more experienced dominance and submission practitioners, the Love Rope quickly and easily entraps wrists and ankles, but can also be fashioned into more elaborate restraint creations, or used for body binding. A detailed Japanese Rope Bondage guide is included, just in case a little inspiration is needed.

Exceedingly soft, holding extra tight without chafing, there are 3 meters (10 feet) of Rope available for play. Poly blend.