Hot MoLo Motion Lotion

Hot MoLo Motion Lotion
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Hot Motion Lotion is a unique lotion that warms to the touch and heats up when blown on. Heat up your sex life with five assorted flavors to choose from. Everybody wants the Motion Lotion! For over 20 years people have been reaching for the Molo that creates the Mojo. Motion Lotion from Doc Johnson is a great accessory to make your sensual foreplay even hotter. Just massage it into your partner's skin and the lotion will heat up as you rub it. Gently blow on your partner afterwards and he/she will feel the soft warming sensation again. Enjoy your massage with a little heat from our Motion lotion. This sweet, thick lotion makes massaging tasty and fun, or adds an erotic warming element to oral sex. Simply drip on the desired area of your partner's skin, and gently blow or lick it away to experience the erotic heat.