Dr. Joel Triple Stacker Beaded Girth Ring

Dr. Joel Triple Stacker Beaded Girth Ring
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Product no.: AD8708
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Help contain passion while delivering unforgettably satisfying stimulation thanks to the fantastic design of the Triple Stacker beaded Girth Ring, another man-friendly offering from the Dr. Joel Kaplan line. Fitting snugly over the penis (or dildo), the Ring adds a fantastic texture plus extra thickness while also helping to keep  an erection reliable. 

You'll be able to place the Stacker wherever you like along the shaft, regardless, the thin, super soft jelly  material warms quickly to match body temperature and clings like a second skin for a lifelike experience all the way. The flexible thermoplastic material is body friendly, and will last a good long time with proper care. Be sure to use a good water or silicone based, rubber compatible lubricant  and wash after use with a good toy cleaner or soap and water. Approximately 3 1/4 inches long, one size fits most.