Dr. Joel Prostate Locator

Dr. Joel Prostate Locator
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The manageable shape, silk smooth curves and beginner friendly deign of the Prostate Locator make exploring the male g-spot easier than ever. Recommended and endorsed by men's health expert Dr. Joel Kaplan, this simple little tool is meant for anal insertion. Once in place, the specially angled head reached upward to find and massage the prostate, which is said to be the center of male sexual pleasure and control. Stimulation of this little gland, located on the upper wall of the anal canal can bering on the most powerful orgasms you've experienced yet, and since this little probe makes it so easy, you might find yourself enjoying more intense, 'p-spot' triggered sexual pleasure more often than not. Made from hygienic, silky smooth silicone, the Locator can be bleached or boiled for total sterilization; it's also very durable, and doesn't require much maintenance. Be sure to use a good water based (avoid silicone formulas) lubricant with this toy, and enjoy your exploration.

Materials: Silicone