Coco Licious Back End Play Silicone Plug

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Sweetly curvaceous, much like Coco herself, the Back End Play plug boasts an endorsement from and the good name of voluptuous fitness model, actress and entrepreneur Coco. Known for her very ample (and 100% real) behind, this silky silicone plug is perhaps the perfect namesake piece, catering to pleasure seekers looking to lavish lots of much-deserved love on the nerve-ending rich anal area.

Uniquely contoured, featuring a big, softly swollen tip angled subtly forward, the Back End inserts smoothy yet dramatically, stretching the anal opening exquisitely. Tapering just underneath the first swell, another waits underneath, prolonging the posterior pleasure potential. Wonderfully safe and clearly designed for worry-free, purely pleasurable play, this plug features a nice slim neck and and wide, circular base girth that easily prevents too-deep penetration, all while holding the body of the plug in position through all kinds of sexy scenarios.

The Pure Silicone material making up the Back End is completely perfect in every way, not the least being the dramatic temperature sensitivity. This plug will warm quickly to match body heat with use, and can be heated or cooled prior to use, if desired. The hygiene factor is second to none- the plug can be boiled, bleached or run through the dishwasher for complete sterilization. Ideal for pleasure seekers with more sensitive skin, silicone is wonderfully hypoallergenic and non-porous, with no odor or taste. It's also extraordinarily hardy, standing up to the roughest, toughest play, and with a minimal amount of maintenance, will last a very long time. Always choose a good water based lubricant in combination with this plug, silicone lube formulas should be avoided, as should contact with other silicone products and other soft toy materials.

Material: Silicone