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Pure Skin Toys

06/02/2017 13:58
Pure Skin   Definition - What does Pure Skin mean?   Pure Skin is a variety of thermo plastic elastomer material that is formulated to look and feel like real human skin. It is used in the manufacturing of dildos and vibrators. There are several similar materials trademarked...
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Inserting Ben Wa Balls

07/01/2017 16:03
A step-by-step set of instructions for inserting Ben Wa balls can be found below if you want to get right to it but I thought it would be best to start out with a quick introduction to their use at a higher level.   Ben Wa balls have been used in various forms by women throughout human...
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The Low Down on Sex Toy Materials

05/01/2017 15:07
The Low Down on Sex Toy Materials   What's in my sex toy? Sex toys are made from lots of different materials. Check out some of the basic facts about the type of materials used to make sex toys, and how to choose the best one for you. Plus, what they are compatible (and not compatible)...
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Definition - What does Cyberskin mean?

04/01/2017 13:22
Cyberskin Definition - What does Cyberskin mean?   Cyberskin is a type of sex toy material that is composed of a variety of elements and claims to feel much like human skin. Cyberskin is a kind of thermoplastic. This means that it warms easily with friction. It is soft to the touch, has...
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Guide to Sex Toy Materials

30/05/2016 00:05
Guide to Sex Toy Materials While sex toys are made from a wide variety of substances, most use the following materials: Cyberskin CyberSkin, also known as thermal plastic, is the brand-name of a soft elastomer material that mimics the experience of human skin; warm and soft to the touch, yet...
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Strap ons

07/01/2014 22:09
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Cleaning Sex Toys

21/10/2013 07:23
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Introducing Sex Toys to a Relationship

09/10/2013 09:08
As we become more open minded (and open in discussion) about sex toys, an increased number of people are looking past the previous stigmas and into new possibilities. Sex toys were usually thought of as “solo play” devices, i.e., masturbatory aids, but an increasing number of couples are...
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To Web or Not To Web

01/10/2013 23:46
Answer - WEBBING   The Naughty Corner finally has a web page!!  I did it all myself... shocking yes maybe lol
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E-shop has been launched!

01/10/2013 03:53
Our new e-shop has been launched! The Naughty Corner E-shop is here.  Can't wait to fill it with more goodies for you to enjoy with yourself or with your parnter!
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